How to buy the right Used Trolling motors

used trolling motors

You could love bass or even saltwater fishing, or even choose fishing as your profession. For every kind of fishing needs you need to have the right kind of trolling motors. Unfortunately though not many can afford high end trolling motors that are now available, in which case they can invest in used trolling motors [...]

How to choose used electric trolling motors

used electric trolling motors

Anglers and expert fishermen who have been practicing for several years have a common thought. According to them trolling motors that were sold a few years ago were much better than the ones that are currently sold. They believe that the electric trolling motors in the market today are complex not just in its purpose [...]

Understanding Trolling Motor thrust

trolling motor thrust

Fishing or angling has a lot more to it rather that simply owing the right boat and equipment. For your trolling motor to be able to take you to a fishing fraternity that is mighty big there are a few things you need to do. You not only have to learn to control your troll [...]

How to avoid expensive electric Trolling motor repair

electric trolling motor repair

If you want some of the best trolling motors then the electric ones are definitely the best technology has to offer. They are low in maintenance because of its ergonomic design making it worth every penny you put in. If you want your electric trolling motor to work find then it is essential that you [...]

Choosing the right Trolling Motor mounting bracket for your boat

trolling motor mounting bracket

Most anglers would like to install a fish finder to their boat. There are several options to choose in this category like the hull mount, trolling motor mount, the transom mount or even the portable mount. However installing them is easy and generally your mount model should be accompanied with detailed step-by-step instructions on how [...]

Trolling motor Connector and Plugs for enhanced fishing experience

trolling motor connector

Undoubtedly if your aim is to experience the best fishing experience then you need to have the right kind of trolling motor accessories. These would include trolling motor connector, plugs, release brackets and even extension handles. There are several well known manufactures who supply these accessories that you can easily fit into your boat. Just [...]

How to care for your Trolling motor Battery

trolling motor battery

Imagine yourself on your boat and the trolling motor battery begins to die out, this is a very frustrating situation no one would like to be in. This is generally the case when you’re out fishing, cruising or even all pumped up for a tournament and the last thing you need is the lunker giving [...]

Some best selling Transom Trolling motor

transom trolling motor

If you own a boat that is small or a boat that has open bows, canoes or any other trolling motor that is bow mounted and rather traditional then the transom trolling motor is ideal. These are great and very easy to handle, and also can be easily clamped to the transom of the boat. [...]

Easily convert your Transom mount trolling motor into a bow mount

transom mount trolling motor

Most anglers generally graduate their trolling motors to bow mount trolling motors. Unfortunately not all anglers can afford these bow mount motors as they are expensive and very difficult to maintain especially if you buy them first hand. This is one reason why most anglers prefer transforming their existing transom mount trolling motor to bow [...]

Why Choose reconditioned trolling motors?

reconditioned trolling motors

Fishing, either saltwater or freshwater requires you to stay extremely calm in the waters. If you do not have a good trolling machine then that is not really possible. New trolling motors are not affordable by many, because of the high price tag. The best option in this case is buying reconditioned trolling motors that [...]

Features of the E-Drive Outboard trolling motors

outboard trolling motors

For anglers to be really successful at their fishing attempts it is necessary that their trolling motors move at a very slow speed up and down the river. Electric outboard trolling motors have been precisely created for this reason. Some of the best in this category of outboard motors for your trolling boats are Johnson [...]

How to choose the right Electric Trolling motors

electric trolling motors

The basic requirements of trolling are that your boat moves steadily in water at very slow speed while you throw in a baited line or a fishing net. This is one reason why electric trolling motors are very popular as they do not make much noise which seldom scare away the fish in the water. [...]

How to choose a discount trolling motors

discount trolling motors

With the right kind of trolling motor you can be sure that moving in the waters is noiseless. This is essential if you want to enjoy a great catch during your fishing expedition. However some of the best trolling motors are not really affordable, these are highly expensive, albeit they last for a long time. [...]

Buy long lasting cheap trolling motors

cheap trolling motors

No matter the kind of fishing you engage in, a good trolling motor choice is one that makes every fishing expedition a success. There are several types of trolling motors that are available. Some that fit within your budget and some that are highly priced. However if you are just getting into the sport and [...]

Choosing a Canoe trolling motor

canoe trolling motor

Anglers who love some serious fishing on a boat that is easy, light and can be manoeuvred even in streams that are fast flowing always seem to choose canoes. Sometimes though you need something more than just the stability of a canoe even when your in a lake that is remotely situated in a mountain. [...]

What you need to know about canoe trolling motor mount

canoe trolling motor mount

Although a canoe is a small boat it is great if you are interested in leisure fishing. Getting it through the waters however can be tough since you will have to peddle it through. This is one reason why canoe owners are now attaching motors that will save them from adding the effort. If you [...]