Proline Boat Parts

proline boat partsIn 1968, Dan Atwood started Proline. His company grew to become the biggest maker of high quality, fresh water fishing boats. The first model brought out was for professional fishermen. Today earnest fisherman who prefer stable boats look to proline boat parts. Pro-Line is built by fishermen for use by fishermen. Pro-Line is situated in Homosassa, Florida.

At PROLine, a Uni-frame design is used, meaning they don’t tack weld individual components. PROLine frames are integrated; all the sidewall uprights are welded first to the trailer deck and then to the roof. Thereby generating a unit component frame (Uni-frame). The trailer frames are totally welded on both sides.

PROLine boat uses quality accessories, like radial tires, Dexter torsion axles, aluminum ramp door, LED trailer lights, hardened bolts fasten the trailer couplers and axles to the frame, stainless steel carriage bolts fasten the door barlocks and hinges to the trailer frame. The security chains are stronger than Federal requirements over two times. The brake wire is clamped to the frame. The clamps are mostly of metal, vinyl coated and are screwed to the trailer frame. The trailer recessed wheel chocks are totally enclosed, thus creating an extremely strong wheel chock.

Pro-line boats have added slick-ness and reliability. Some exceptional attributes that the Pro-line boats provide are:

- knitted 3610 fiberglass, which ensures unmitigated reliability and safety.

- Space category adhesive binds the caps of the deck to the hull.

- The boats’ exterior hull is a glass-like finish with a 3 oz skin coat.

- Marine grade special stainless steel locking nuts and bolts of airspace type is used to bolt and fasten all hardware.

- Higher endurance of all structures of the boat because it is made with FIST technology or Fiber-glass Integrated Structural Technology.

Pro-line boats have no wood in their structure, have fuel capacity matching the size, decks mostly draining with large bilge pumps below them, tackle centers and lockers built-in everywhere, very little wasted space, no unnecessary upholstery or carpet, have sturdy welded rails and generally huge cockpits. They have small cruddy, their small bait tanks are easy to fix on some models. Medium V hull effective and allowing high speeds. There are few seats on most. They are heavy to tow when loaded with fuel, batteries,ice etc. Some models have tight engine side access.

Proline boat parts cost a bit more than seaswirls and more mass produced types, they are not crafted as tough as heavy boats like Davis or Faralon etc., but generate decent resale value on average.

Davey Marine Center, on State Road 7 between Griffin and Stirling Roads, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a total service boating center, a mile or so north of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Davey Marine Center have a grandiose selection of new and used boats for all lifestyle. Their Customer Service, on-site Service Department provides for maintenance, dock side service and repairs, contact or email They assist with boat sales,financing, items and parts from the store. Davey Marine Center is popular as an dealer authorized to sell Proline boat parts.

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