MasterCraft Boat Parts

mastercraft boat partsMasterCraft, headquartered in Tennessee, is a manufacturer of exclusive recreational boats. It was founded in 1968. These MasterCraft boat parts are attractive for use in wakeboarding and water skiing. Some of MasterCrafts most sought after boats today are the X-Series Wakeboard boats, and the Prostar series of direct drive ski boats, several with hulls common from the Wakeboard series. The Prostar are equipped with features specific to Wakeboard like tower and ballast tanks. General Motors 5.7, 6.0, and 8.1 litre V8 engine blocks feature on all MasterCraft Models as their inboard marine engines.

MasterCraft unleashed the saltwater series line of boats as a big impetus towards costal waters. SS engines are all equipped with composite motor mounts, fresh-water cooled and protected with a premium paint that is non-corrosive and multi-coat.

Components like hydraulic steering, stainless steel gas shocks, fully sealed wiring, raw water strainers, the engines and sacrificial anodes were tested in the roughest conditions offshore in Florida for hundreds of hours before MasterCraft introduced any changes to the engines. Among tow-boat manufacturers producing saltwater specific models MasterCraft currently stands alone.

Depending on the model and size new MasterCraft Boats are usually priced between $50,000 and $100,000 up. For as low as $20,000 used and older models can also be found online.

MasterCraft Boats uses superior technology and publicly states and displays its manufacturing methods for its stylish boats. The company has a 40 year long business track record. premium diamond pleat vinyl, multi-port fuel injection, billet aluminum appointments, bolster seats, JL Audio speakers and coolers are all part of all the MasterCraft Boats. Their boats have copius seating. Its smaller boats are able toaccommodate more than ten people. Customers are allowed a MasterCraft Boats factory tour.

Largely due to the many enhancements provided in each boat, MasterCraft vessels comparatively expensive than other comparable makes. MasterCraft do not make many small boats. Their smallest, the 200V, an entry level boat, weighs 3,350 pounds, is 20-feet wide and seats 11 people. Their X-boats weigh about 3,200-4,900 pounds, while seating 11-18 people.

MasterCraft ProStar is popular to water skiers. The craft is a little smaller than several other MasterCraft boats, a shade less than 20 feet long, weighing about 2,600 pounds, and seating 7 people. The CSX220 seats 12 people, is 21 and a half foot long and weighs 4,300 pounds.

MasterCraft Boats have upward of 20 options, within their V, X, CSX and ProStar series. They are prominent as recreational boats. But MasterCraft Boat parts do not restrict you to just the above options; individual specifications and tastes are also entertained to allow customers their own prefernce.

At both the Sacramento and Pleasanton locations, Nor Cal MasterCraft have service departments on-site, servicing only MasterCraft and IndMar engines. Trained technicians provide services like warranty work for MasterCraft and Indmar, Fiberglass and gel repairs, Upholstery work, Custom installations and Annual service. Nor Cal MasterCraft stock legitimate MasterCraft boat parts. They meet high quality requirements and are made to the exacting technical specifications of MasterCraft boats.

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