Formula Boat Parts

formula boat partsFormula Boats manufactures a wide range of speed boats, cruisers, yachts and sports boats. They make all of the models as power boats and all Formula boat parts are all fiberglass.

Formula Boats was started in 1956 by Vic Porter. Ever since that time, the company has developed and offers several more models and features but maintaining the same attention to detail and quality since its inception that the company had successfully established.

For discerning consumers everywhere, in recreational boating, Formula Boats has for ages been distinguished as the measuring stick. While many desire a Formula boat of their own, performance comes at a cost, and it may stress some budgets. But anyone can get an experience of a Formula Boat without having to shell out for a second mortgage. The Pro Boat Formula FASTech Brushless makes it happen.

General price of new Formula boats, depending on the model and size, is between $130,000 and $650,000. Used and older models, ranging in price from $80,000 to $180,000, are available online. Advantages that Formula Boat offers are -

- An online program that customers can use to build-up a boat to specifications using various Formula boat parts.

- Cruisers and yachts to high-speed performance boats, many different types of fiberglass boats are offered by Formula Boats.

- They enjoy a strong reputation and extensive history.

Formula boats have some disadvantages also -

- Formula Boats are expensive owing to their high quality.

- Formula Boats use some parts made by other manufacturers. Hence their limited warranty is not very effective.

- Formula Boats have somewhat limited dealer network.

- Formula Boats does not make fishing boats.

- Formula Boats make only one size of quality yacht.

Formula Boats range include the Cruisers, Yachts, Bowrider series, the Super Sport series, the Sun Sport series, and Fas3 Tech – a racer series of high performance. All the series have significant variety of sizes and options.

As an example, one can choose from twenty-four Thunderbird models. Thunderbird boats range from the large sporting boat to the mid-sized luxury yacht, but all are outfitted with premium Formula boat parts.

Thunderbird’s principle distinction is the enormous amount of features provided. Special attention to detail and quality is obvious, from mechanical elements and structural down to cockpit features and cabin and handy functional inclusions like courtesy lights and transom showers. Thunderbirds are strongly built and designed to be comfortable. In view of a high-end boat for entertainment, sporting activities cruising, the Thunderbird series provides an inviting array of choices.

All Formula Boats models come standard with paint packages improved, integrated swim podium and entertainment electronics. All FASTech models are installed with twin engines, but for producing the maximum horsepower a special engine has to be ordered and is not available otherwise.

If you are unable to decide between different types of boats and manufacturers, Formula Boats has models that could meet many of your requirements. Any one company producing so many different kinds of boats and doing it well is indeed rare. The only major series missing from the Formula Boats extensive line-up is the fishing boats.

Formula Boat parts also offers some of the excellent internet and media information to help customers decide on their choice.

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